Why Coles supermarket is better than Woolworths in Australia

Yesterday,  I finally complained to Woolworths Head Office in Sydney about the poor service in my local Woolworths supermarket.

Wrong prices placed incorrectly  seem to be intended to trick the shopper into picking up the item.  Once the shopper gets to the cashier he either doesn’t notice or can’t be bothered saying  “in that case I don’t want it.”

I find these mistakes occur too frequently and I suspect they are a ploy.

My worst complaint, however,  concerns the deli section of the supermarket.  Whereas Coles advertises that it will slice your smallgoods any way you may wish  e.g I like my meats thinly shaved,  our local Woolworths refuses and says that this is not possible.

Apparently,  it’s too much trouble.

Today I went to Coles at Malvern, asked if they would mind slicing the silverside very thinly and they did so willingly and efficiently without a complaint.  They also had enough staff in the deli section so that the waiting period was not long.

Conclusion?  Poor service,  fewer customers at Woolworths.


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