Why I won’t be seeing the movie called “The Walk”

There are many reasons for not going to see  “The Walk”.  Quite frankly, one man’s ego-driven ambition to risk his life walking on a  tightrope between the Twin Towers of  the World Trade Center  does not impress me one bit. But hey, who cares if he falls?  So let him do it.

I’m very rarely moved by what I call the Richard Branson restlessness syndrome.  Life is dull so let’s makes it dangerous and exciting. You wanna bang your head against a wall to see how it feels,  be my guest.

The main reason, however,  which will prevent me from going to that particular film,  is that I become furious when I see a mock-up of the now destroyed Twin Towers in New York.

Ever since  September 2001, my hatred of the perpetrators of that horrific crime has made it impossible for me to trust and respect people like them.

I remember how the Palestinians rejoiced and whooped joyfully in the streets following the attack.  I remember how the rest of the Muslim world failed to condemn such bestiality.

And that left a scar in me.


2 thoughts on “Why I won’t be seeing the movie called “The Walk”

  1. Hullo Lili
    Football crowds also whoop for joy when a member of the opposing team is carried off injured.
    That has nought to do with Palestine or islamism — just humankind’s depraved side on exhibition.


  2. Hullo again Lili
    There is another “obvious difference”; that between football crowds and the players.
    There are always stacks of yobs on the tiers, whose hope and reason for attending to see blood and injury, is as great as that of any Muslim fanatic witnessing his terror attack. They walk among us !!
    Cheers M


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