Yesterday’s krill post amended

Yesterday’s post about krill supplements might have looked incomplete because I ran into a bit of trouble. What happened was I originally had a different title for my post. It contained a word which I cannot repeat for fear of having my post stolen from me and included in a site which I do not support.

The way it works is as follows. A robot searches for key words and when it finds them the article is taken to a web site that has some agenda.

By the way, I used an ordinary English word which should not have attracted anyone’s attention. It was neither offensive nor unusual.

This happened to me and I found myself on a site about aquatic animals.

Since this was not my wish I had to copy my article again and change the title so that it would not be picked up by this robot. In doing so some of my article was omitted making it incomplete.

Shades of 1984!

I now have the post on my site and invite you to read it. See below…


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