The Thrill of Krill

Who would have thought that a teeny weeny crustacean would become a panacea (allegedly) for all ills in this world? You can’t go shopping without being confronted by Wild Krill, Red Krill, Super Krill, and Sooper Dooper Krill which is the King of Krills (allegedly).

So what does krill oil promise? I googled it and apparently it does it all. It raises the I.Q of children. It helps your circulation, gets rid of joint pain, improves memory. You name it, it does it.

Or does it really?

Well, not quite. The actual blurb about any supplement is that it “may” help if you are deficient in fish oil or omega 3 fatty acids or whatever. And krill oil capsules deliver more benefits that those other outdated supplements such as fish oil or the good old cod liver oil. Yummmmm….

In fact you would have to take 14 fish oil capsules every day for arthritis when one tiny krill capsule could do the trick (allegedly).

So this is pretty impressive isn’t it? When you think that in one year seven million fish oil products were sold in Australia.

Aren’t we a very lucky country to be able to afford all these capsules?

But when you think that a couple of fish meals a week would serve you better than swallowing all these capsules every day it does make you wonder about our attitude to everything. Don’t bother preparing a fish meal. Don’t even bother opening a tin of sardines.

Just pop a few pills which are expensive and probably useless.

And just when you think that swallowing krill for the rest of your life will cure it all, along comes Golden Calamari.

Yep, there’s a new kid on the block. Krill is out and calamari is the way to go. Why is that? you ask…or not (if you have any sense)

Well, it’s because Golden Calamari has even more omega 3 oil than fish oil and krill oil combined.

Gosh, does that mean that the mavens were wrong about krill oil being the best thing ever discovered?

You know something? I’m beginning to suspect that we have not plumbed the depths of this potential. In fact, I’m even beginning to suspect that this miraculous Golden Calamari is going to be superseded by some other form of marine life as soon as our bathroom cabinets are bursting with the stuff.

Is it possible that Golden Calamari oil is going to make us live forever so that our world will be overcrowded and smelling of fish?

And with all this brain food, will we realise perhaps that there’s something fishy about the supplements industry?

I don’t think so.


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