Brighton BMW does it in style

It was sophisticated, it was entertaining and it was great fun. That’s the way it was last Friday night at the launch of the new Series 5 BMW at Brighton BMW in Melbourne.

Ambient blue lighting greeted the guests. As soon as you took that walk on the blue carpet, you were met by glamorous hostess offering flutes of champagne. You could also indulge in a rainbow cocktail or some beer. Or any other drink that you preferred.

The food was tasty and beautifully prepared. Prawns dipped in tempura batter, for example, were mouth-watering and there must have been a dozen different dishes to choose from. It was hard to resist them and I didn’t even try.

There were some speeches about the new BMW model. They were brief and to the point.

And then some beautiful singing filled the room. I thought it was recorded music. To my amazement, three female singers dressed in stunning outfits appeared from nowhere and made their way to the stage.

Their performance was outstanding. I felt my eyes moisten as Divas Inc sang “O Mio Babbino Caro”, “Nessum Dorma” and other favourites. To be honest, I had never heard of this group before so I googled them the next day and found out that they do corporate entertaining. All I can say is “Wow!”

The new Series 5 models were driven into the showroom for everyone to inspect. It was a very stylish presentation and yes, it is indeed a lovely car.

If classical music wasn’t your scene the Divas Inc were followed by a Robbie Williams tribute and some jazzy dancers in white tuxes and top hats.

The party livened up even more. Apparently, it lasted for several more hours, long after we had made our way home, replete, pleasantly entertained and most grateful to Brighton BMW for having thrown such an enjoyable party.

As the song says, nobody does it better…


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