Hamas refuses humanitarian aid

As usual Hamas is using its own people as human shields. Aid from the stunt flotilla has been transported by Israel to Gaza but Hamas has refused to accept it. It’s obvious why.

This terrorist organisation is playing vicious games at the expense of fellow Gazans. Hamas wants to promote the myth that the Gazans are deprived by Israel. This is not true. One hundred trucks laden with supplies enter Gaza every day. The only prohibited supplies are missile parts and other materials which can be directed at Israel.

This seems completely sensible to me. I can’t imagine that the Coalition forces from Europe, the US and Australia who are fighting in Afghanistan would allow arms to be shipped to the Taliban. That would be ridiculous.

The only thing that Israel wanted to do when it interrupted the activists’ flotilla from reaching Gaza was to inspect the cargo for arms and missiles. It simply wanted to inspect. If it found nothing that could be used against the men, women and children of Israel, then any humanitarian aid would be transported by land from Ashdod…as Israel is trying to do right now.

However, a routine inspection is not what the IHH supporters of Al Qaeda and the left-wing activists were seeking.

They wanted confrontation.

One left-wing German activist who was on board the flotilla admitted that he had not seen any of the fighting because he was below deck at the time. One has to wonder why he decided to be interviewed. The only thing he could describe is what he saw when he finally came up.

Some interviewers on the BBC and CNN have asked the organisers of the stunt flotilla why they never mention that Egypt has also closed its borders with Gaza. After some feeble attempts to squirm out of replying, the activists say it’s the fault of the U.S. They just don’t want to admit that the Egyptians are fed up with Hamas stirring up trouble in their country as well.


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