Palestinians up to their old tricks.

Nobody believes that this latest convoy of several ships carrying “aid” to Gaza was anything but a stunt. This convoy was not typical of the usual contraband traffic that Palestinians and their supporters want to smuggle into Gaza. I bet there was no sign of the usual arms and explosives caches on this trip. Not if it was supposed to be propaganda.

Nevertheless, there was a fight which means that the stuntmen had weapons on them. The rest of the stuff would have been toys and diapers and baby formula, no doubt. The whole stunt was concocted by some Turkish group which is on a terrorist supporters list apparently.

Israel had already given permission for this “aid” to be brought into Gaza by land. It had guaranteed that this “aid” would be delivered to Gaza. Egypt had also given permission for this too. But this would not have served the purposes of this stunt organisation. The convoy was looking for a fight and got it.

The truth is that Palestinians are forever trying to bring in weapons. They do it through the tunnels that they have termited between Egypt and Gaza. And it’s not true that they are smuggling medical aid. We have seen actual footage of plasma T.V’s being brought in from Egypt. These objects are then sold at exorbitant prices to their fellow Palestinians.

It’s all about business rather than humanitarian aid. The tunnels are owned by Palestinian businessmen who lease them out to others.

Egypt has closed its borders to the Palestinians who are troublemakers in that country. That is why there are tunnels between Egypt and Gaza.

In spite of what the Palestinians claim medical aid can be accessed in Israel and many Palestinians get treated in Israeli hospitals. Sure they have to go through checkpoints. After all, Israel must protect itself from suicide bombers. There was recently a case of one Palestinian woman who was being treated for breast cancer in Israel. She complained that she had to show her breasts to a doctor!!

Go figure…


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