Silly women in stiletto heels

I couldn’t help but chuckle this past summer as I watched trendy and not so trendy women wobble about in their very high stilettoes. Their gait was jerky and their ankles jiggled about from side to side as they tried to keep their balance.

Some fashionista had declared that the very highest heels were in and it didn’t matter if they were the equivalent of the ancient torturous custom of foot binding which had been imposed on Chinese women. Women who had no self-confidence would feel compelled to buy the highest heels even if these destroyed their ankles and caused other foot disorders.

Hard to believe that in this age of women’s rights that it is the women themselves who choose to stuff chicken breasts into their bras and to subject themselves to orthopaedic torture. I could hear podiatrists cheering at the growth in their business. Bunions R- US would not be affected by the economic downturn, not as long as women continued to be so gullible.

What those silly females don’t understand is that the shoes business is just a business and the last thing that shoe manufacturers want women to do is to keep wearing last season’s styles. So they have to come up with something new.

Surprise, surprise, following the highest heels in the world, how about making the lowest heels the latest craze?

And that’s what I see in shoe shops around Melbourne right now in preparation for the new season. There is a return to Edwardian shoe styles, with small heels or even flat heels and lace-up fashions that great-grandma wore in 1910. Very avant-garde, I don’t think. But that’s not the point, is it? As long as women sheepishly follow the latest fashion, then they are happy.

The one good thing going for the new sensible styles is that wobbly ankles and blistered feet will say thank you from the bottom of their soles. That reprieve, however, will be only temporary, since there are some smart Generation Y’s working on another trend for next summer as I write.

How about wooden clogs with high heels or those felt shoes with bells on that court jesters used to wear, or UGG boots with high heels or maybe flippers, since we are bound to have more floods because of climate change?

There’s no end to possibilities of how you can mangle your feet with masochistic styles and, thankfully for business, no end to fools who will buy them.

Where was God during the Italian earthquake?

As I sat and watched the devastation caused by the earthquake in L’Aquila, I was baffled by the gratitude of the survivors. They had thanked God for saving them. 294 Italians lost their lives in the earthquake. 20,000 Italians have been left homeless by this act of God, as it is called.

So why are these benign folk thanking the very cause of their misery? Wasn’t it the almighty, omniscient and omnipotent God who brought this tragedy on those poor Italians?

So why are they thanking him for killing those little children whose white coffins rested on the ones of their family members who had perished? What crime had these babies committed to deserve this? Why were the 294 victims being punished? Punished for what? Isn’t it absolutely presumptuous of those who survived to be thanking God for being rescued while others perished?

I remember the same mantra following the flooding of New Orleans. People were dragged out of the water and all they could say was “Thank God.” Well, it was the same God who had destroyed the lives and homes of thousands of inhabitants of New Orleans.

No wonder I will never understand the mysterious ways in which God apparently moves.

So the U.S is not at war with Islam.

Yesterday President Obama declared to the Turkish leader that the U.S is not and will never be at war with Islam. Depends on the definition of Islam, I guess. How about the Taliban and Al Qaeda or are we playing semantic games with terminology here?

Oh, that’s right, they are extremist groups who have nothing to do with the moderates. I’m wondering how Obama knows this to be a fact since “the moderates” don’t speak out in protest following a terror attack against the West?

Where was the condemnation from those oh so moderate Muslims when the Twin Towers were attacked? And why were those moderate Palestinians dancing in the streets when they heard of the murder of almost 3000 Americans in New York?

Anyway, why is it that we never hear that Islam is NOT at war with the U.S? Now that would be news, wouldn’t it?

Kevin Rudd’s robust outbursts

We are learning a lot about our Prime Minister’s foibles. There were already rumours in Queensland that he was hard to get on with, but he is quite the actor and presents a mild exterior in public, while simmering inside and taking it out on his staff later on.

His explanation for such outbursts is that he is human, only human. Well, we never thought he was superhuman in the first place.

What he means is that he has his faults too. You know something, Mr Prime Minister, we would like to know if you ever tell off one of the big wigs? Did you let President Obama see your “human” side?

In my opinion, the mark of a man is not how he treats his superiors to whom he has to grovel, but how he treats his subordinates, the ones who have to do his bidding and so far Kevin Rudd’s report card registers an F.

I don’t like the fact that Rudd’s staff had to lie about the quarrel with the flight attendant. And I don’t like the way Rudd said IF he offended anyone then he is sorry. There are no ifs about it. He did offend and we, the Australian public, expect better behaviour in future.

How foolish of the G20 to gather in London.

My first question is can anyone think of a more difficult place to secure than London? One of the biggest cities in the world had to spend millions on security against terrorists and demonstrators. Wouldn’t a quiet resort in Switzerland have been a wiser choice for a gathering of the G20 financial talks?

My second question is why did the wives have to attend, when it was going to be all about serious economic discussions? Perhaps they all went by coach on a guided tour of outlet stores?

Therese Rein makes Downunder cringe with embarrassment

Imagine going to a memorial service in Westminster Abbey for the victims of the Australian bushfires and not wearing a hat. No prizes for guessing who committed that fauz pas. It was the Aussie Prime Minister’s wife, Therese Rein, who looked like a country bumpkin compared with Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla. The Duchess of Cornwall was suitably dressed and wore a hat, which is the right thing to do. But Therese decided that her frizz was respectful enough.

During her travels with Kevin Rudd, Therese has been looking ridiculous as usual with her knee-popping boots, giant sleeves and tight belts, and even today she wore some ballooning black coat which was pinching her snuggly under the bosom area. Too tight, Therese…

Isn’t it about time that Mrs Rudd said farewell to her delusion that she has a waist? A classically tailored sheath and coat minus the belt or sash which she clings to in memory of her long lost waist, would look so much more flattering. And please can someone lend her a blow dryer?

So not only does she lack flair, she is also ignorant of etiquette which is evident in her unsuitable get-up at the Memorial Service. Surely some protocol aids should be briefing her on what to wear to a Cathedral.

Do I really believe that Therese is going to change? No, not for a minute. She has earned the tag of being to be the most unpopular First Lady that we have had in many years. The most popular one was Hazel Hawke by a mile and I think that few people would dispute that description. Hazel had class and compassion. Therese Rein has neither.

Quite frankly, if Mrs Rudd doesn’t want to behave like a lady I wish she would stay home or at her office and stop embarrassing the Australian public.