Therese Rein makes Downunder cringe with embarrassment

Imagine going to a memorial service in Westminster Abbey for the victims of the Australian bushfires and not wearing a hat. No prizes for guessing who committed that fauz pas. It was the Aussie Prime Minister’s wife, Therese Rein, who looked like a country bumpkin compared with Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla. The Duchess of Cornwall was suitably dressed and wore a hat, which is the right thing to do. But Therese decided that her frizz was respectful enough.

During her travels with Kevin Rudd, Therese has been looking ridiculous as usual with her knee-popping boots, giant sleeves and tight belts, and even today she wore some ballooning black coat which was pinching her snuggly under the bosom area. Too tight, Therese…

Isn’t it about time that Mrs Rudd said farewell to her delusion that she has a waist? A classically tailored sheath and coat minus the belt or sash which she clings to in memory of her long lost waist, would look so much more flattering. And please can someone lend her a blow dryer?

So not only does she lack flair, she is also ignorant of etiquette which is evident in her unsuitable get-up at the Memorial Service. Surely some protocol aids should be briefing her on what to wear to a Cathedral.

Do I really believe that Therese is going to change? No, not for a minute. She has earned the tag of being to be the most unpopular First Lady that we have had in many years. The most popular one was Hazel Hawke by a mile and I think that few people would dispute that description. Hazel had class and compassion. Therese Rein has neither.

Quite frankly, if Mrs Rudd doesn’t want to behave like a lady I wish she would stay home or at her office and stop embarrassing the Australian public.


2 thoughts on “Therese Rein makes Downunder cringe with embarrassment

  1. Has this woman NO shame. Look at all the other wives. Maybe as long as she gets a headline on the world stage is all that be noticed.Stay at home for goodness sake, learn how to behave & dress. She is up there with Mrs Kruschev.


    • While I agree with you about Therese Rein, S.Kensington, the big difference between Mrs Krushchev and Mrs Rudd is that while the latter has been out in the world and achieved business success, Mrs K was unpretentious and never had the opportunity during those dour communist years to fashion herself. I also doubt if Nina Krushcheva had PR staff who could give her advice on her appearance. To be honest, I don’t regard Mrs K as seeking publicity either and I’m sure she would have preferred to stay behind the scenes whenever possible. That’s why I’m more sympathetic towards Mrs K.

      On the other hand, Therese Rein has no such excuses. My disapproval of her is because she ought to know better, but sadly, she doesn’t. And that would be fine if she weren’t representing the people of Australia, but, sadly, she does.


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