Kevin Rudd’s robust outbursts

We are learning a lot about our Prime Minister’s foibles. There were already rumours in Queensland that he was hard to get on with, but he is quite the actor and presents a mild exterior in public, while simmering inside and taking it out on his staff later on.

His explanation for such outbursts is that he is human, only human. Well, we never thought he was superhuman in the first place.

What he means is that he has his faults too. You know something, Mr Prime Minister, we would like to know if you ever tell off one of the big wigs? Did you let President Obama see your “human” side?

In my opinion, the mark of a man is not how he treats his superiors to whom he has to grovel, but how he treats his subordinates, the ones who have to do his bidding and so far Kevin Rudd’s report card registers an F.

I don’t like the fact that Rudd’s staff had to lie about the quarrel with the flight attendant. And I don’t like the way Rudd said IF he offended anyone then he is sorry. There are no ifs about it. He did offend and we, the Australian public, expect better behaviour in future.


3 thoughts on “Kevin Rudd’s robust outbursts

  1. I did send the rude PM an email to his address telling him that he should have taken the matter to his Chief of Protocol (whoever that is) concerning the provisioning of meals and not to round on a person serving him on a flight at piblic expense.
    I live in Nambour (33 years), his own home town and he has behaved like a Nambour Nong which is what we say here when we describe bogans.
    Yes, he had that name “Dr. Death” when he worked for Wayne Goss and seemingly with his staff turnover he is acting the same. He should learn how to delegate and then he would not have to work the long hours we are hearing about. He’s trying to be a one-man-band and that will not work, obviously he is watching his back and fearful of any rivals like Gillard or Shorten or even McKew (God forbid)…. Maxine’s alright but she should have stayed on TV….




  2. It is probably time to demote Kevin 747 to Kevin 707–a machine well-past its prime and inclined to blow a lot of smoke.
    It’s shuddery to know that we are relying on someone who gets enraged over a lack of chicken breast to represent us in diplomatic circles,where the breasts are generally significantly larger and not fledged.
    On another tack: just how much mileage CAN the media drag out of the blame game about a catering blip???

    Best wishes M


    • Max,
      Whenever I write about a serious topic I get few hits on my web site, but when I write something bitchy about fake diamonds or Therese Rein’s fashion nonsense even Canberra hits on my blog. It’s demoralising in a way, but people get worked up about the “little things in life”. If this happens to me, then imagine how much the media milks the trivial scandals. They have to worry about ratings etc. If they wrote about loving one another and being tolerant, most of us would begin to snore. That’s the sad way of the world. It’s schadenfreude, Max, and we are very basic creatures or is that base creatures? Loved your comment about the 707 tag.


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