Disproportionate Death Toll in Gaza

Much has been claimed about the disproportionate casualties and deaths in Gaza. I have to agree with that. We have just been told by the BBC that 56% of the population of Gaza is under 16. Assuming that half of the rest of the population of Gaza are women, then it means that about 78% of Gazans are women and children. Given that only about 1/3 of the reported casualties are women and children, it shows that these are significantly fewer than one should expect. This is where the disproportion occurs.

In my opinion, therefore, this comparatively low number of child casualties demonstrates that the Israelis have been extremely cautious about whom they target. This is in spite of Hamas’s nefarious habit of hiding among their civilians and using them as human shields

Let’s face it, the Hamas shelling into Israel has been directed at all civilians, not militants, and it doesn’t matter to Hamas whether the targets are women and children. Whilst Israel fights to protect its people, Hamas use their own as human shields and cannon fodder.

It is Hamas who are responsible for the deaths of their own women and children and according to their infamous Charter, that terrorist organisation would like to annihilate all Jews. If Hamas is prepared to sacrifice their own children to their murderous cause, well, we have to take them seriously, don’t we?


Devastating news from Bolivia

As if Israel hasn’t enough problems from its neighbours, there has been a devastating announcement from Bolivia. “From where?” I hear you ask.

You know, that little country in South America which has the lowest GDP per capita in the continent. Seems as if the Bolivians, high up in the Andes mountains where they dwell, must be suffering the effects of oxygen depletion. They have just announced that they are breaking ties with Israel.

That is sad news indeed! I can barely hold back my tears long enough to write this post. Bolivia, a socialist country with rich resources but not of the human kind apparently, has been described as “a donkey sitting on a goldmine”. It is led by an anti-Israel and very anti U.S buddy of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. The Venezuelan leader had already broken ties with Israel, so it looks like Bolivia is doing a Hekel and Jekel act with its Socialist playmate. By the way, Bolivians, are for the most part, Indians who live in very primitive conditions and would not even have heard of Israel.

In fact, the developed world wouldn’t even know or care where Bolivia was, except for the fact that occasionally, their leader, Evo Morales, curses the U.S. But then don’t most people who are jealous of America do that?

I can just imagine the Israeli government holding an emergency meeting about Bolivia’s strong stance. “Who? Bolivia, Shmolivia. They got nothing else to worry about? Ties? What ties?”

Where are PETA’s comments?

A zoo was discovered to have been wired with Hamas explosives in Gaza. Although I think that it is very laudable for PETA (the animal activists) to rescue a geriatric lobster from a tank in a New York restaurant, where is Peta’s outrage at a zoo being rigged to blow up Israeli soldiers or any Gazan children who might walk by? How about the animals that were left there to be blown up?

Seems as if PETA are very selective about their protests, aren’t they? If they really cared about animals, they would have complained about Hamas’s booby trapping of the zoo.

In my opinion, PETA are above all else politically motivated and animal rights are just a means to an end. You only have to listen to them raving on about wanting to destroy the wool industry in Australia to be suspicious about who is funding them.

Tale of the Ancient Lobster or Free Lili

While watching the BBC news on TV this morning, we held the following conversation.

“I didn’t know that lobsters could live for 140 years.”

“Course they can’t. Where did you hear that?”

“On the BBC right now. The ticker tape thingy at the bottom said that one hundred and forty year old lobster was released from a restaurant in New York.”

“Can’t be true,” says husband. “What they mean is that 140 lobsters who were one year old were released.”

“How could 140 lobsters fit into a tank in a New York restaurant? Must have been some big tank, don’t you think? Besides, why would that make it into the news amidst Gaza conflict, earthquake in Costa Rica and quarrels over halted Gas supplies from Russia through the Ukraine?”

Further discussions along the lines of what I thought I had read and husband being adamant that I had got it wrong.

“OK then, let’s wait until the ticker tape comes around again and we’ll read it together this time.”

But you know how things are in life. Just as it was the turn of the lobster story again, some commercial break interrupted the news. So my husband got out of bed and looked up the BBC news site on the internet.


“Yep,” the husband confirmed. “Apparently, a restaurant in New York had this 140 year old lobster in its tank for two weeks and some animal rights activists petitioned to liberate it.”

“Good for them,” I beamed.

I never did like any animals to be in cages. I even hate the idea of circuses and zoos and don’t get me started on pet canaries in cages and dogs and cats in the confines of apartment buildings.

“So how did they know it was 140 years old?”

“They can tell by its weight.”

Husband tried to get back to reading his newspaper. Not for long though…

” Hmmm. Must be a guesstimation. Cause it can’t be like telling how old a tree is on account of the number of rings. Couldn’t this particular lobster be obese rather than old? I wonder why human beings shrink as they get very old then? And another thing, why do ticker tape announcements disappear just when you want to read them again?”

The Jolly Hamas Martyr

This is a story which appeared in the New York Times on January 8 2009
It speaks for itself

GAZA CITY — The emergency room in Shifa Hospital is often a place of gore and despair. On Thursday, it was also a lesson in the way ordinary people are squeezed between suicidal fighters and a military behemoth.

Dr. Awni al-Jaru, 37, a surgeon at the hospital, rushed in from his home here, dressed in his scrubs. But he came not to work. His head was bleeding, and his daughter’s jaw was broken.

He said Hamas militants next to his apartment building had fired mortar and rocket rounds. Israel fired back with force, and his apartment was hit. His wife, Albina, originally from Ukraine, and his 1-year-old son were killed.

“My son has been turned into pieces,” he cried. “My wife was cut in half. I had to leave her body at home.” Because Albina was a foreigner, she could have left Gaza with her children. But, Dr. Jaru lamented, she would not leave him behind.

A car arrived with more patients. One was a 21-year-old man with shrapnel in his left leg who demanded quick treatment. He turned out to be a militant with Islamic Jihad. He was smiling a big smile.

“Hurry, I must get back so I can keep fighting,” he told the doctors.

He was told that there were more serious cases than his, that he needed to wait. But he insisted. “We are fighting the Israelis,” he said. “When we fire we run, but they hit back so fast. We run into the houses to get away.” He continued smiling.

“Why are you so happy?” this reporter asked. “Look around you.”

A girl who looked about 18 screamed as a surgeon removed shrapnel from her leg. An elderly man was soaked in blood. A baby a few weeks old and slightly wounded looked around helplessly. A man lay with parts of his brain coming out. His family wailed at his side.

“Don’t you see that these people are hurting?” the militant was asked.

“But I am from the people, too,” he said, his smile incandescent. “They lost their loved ones as martyrs. They should be happy. I want to be a martyr, too.”

The Occupation of Gaza

Gaza is occupied by a force that has no respect for human life. This force is based on a fanatical ideology that it can sacrifice its own women and children for the cause. It will also callously sacrifice its own elderly parents as well as any hope of a normal life. Its sole aim is to destroy its neighbours who want to live in peace. And it will commit the most criminal acts to remain in control. So who is this occupier of Gaza? Continue reading

Best place to find a Hamas rocket launcher

If you want to find a Hamas “warrior” look for him in a school, hiding behind a group of children. He will have set up his Katyusha rocket launcher among the poor children whom he has decided to sacrifice in the name of Allah. Hamas is waging a media war and the media is its gullible accomplice.

To give in now to the monstrous tactics of Hamas would be an unwise move. I have always said that Muslim fanatics do not value their own children’s lives and here once again we have an example of how low these criminals will go. They fire mortars from a U.N school in the hope that Israel will retaliate. Israel has but it is Hamas who has blood on its hands.

I wonder how long it will take before the Palestinians get wise and stop donating their children as ammunition for this terrorist organisation. How long will it take before they say “I love my children more than I hate Israel.”?