Give us your babies! A call from Hamas

In their attempt to avoid genuine civilian injuries, the Israeli Defence Forces have been warning Gazans to leave Hamas strongholds which are about to be shelled. Of course, Hamas does the opposite in Israel where it intentionally targets civilians without warning.

As an example of Hamas immorality, take the incident which was recounted today in “The Weekend Australian” newspaper. Israel sent the usual warning message to a family home in Gaza which was being used to manufacture rockets so that any women and children would be removed from it for safety. So what did Hamas do? It brought in women and babies to protect its cache. Israel found out and did not attack the site.

So what can we learn from this incident? First, that Hamas relies on the fact that Israel will not knowingly attack civilians. Second, that should these civilians who were brought in intentionally by Hamas, be injured or killed, Hamas can get tons of publicity for its cause. This is the kind of obscenity that Israel has to face. Monsters who use women and babies as human shields, or worse still, as fodder.

Just thinking about these Hamas militants makes me nauseous. They are the same as the religious fanatics who attacked the Twin Towers in 2001. I can never forget the horrifying image of the planes destroying the Towers on September the 11th.

These extremists swear they want to destroy our world and we should believe them for there is no depth to which these creatures will not sink.


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