Best place to find a Hamas rocket launcher

If you want to find a Hamas “warrior” look for him in a school, hiding behind a group of children. He will have set up his Katyusha rocket launcher among the poor children whom he has decided to sacrifice in the name of Allah. Hamas is waging a media war and the media is its gullible accomplice.

To give in now to the monstrous tactics of Hamas would be an unwise move. I have always said that Muslim fanatics do not value their own children’s lives and here once again we have an example of how low these criminals will go. They fire mortars from a U.N school in the hope that Israel will retaliate. Israel has but it is Hamas who has blood on its hands.

I wonder how long it will take before the Palestinians get wise and stop donating their children as ammunition for this terrorist organisation. How long will it take before they say “I love my children more than I hate Israel.”?


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