The Occupation of Gaza

Gaza is occupied by a force that has no respect for human life. This force is based on a fanatical ideology that it can sacrifice its own women and children for the cause. It will also callously sacrifice its own elderly parents as well as any hope of a normal life. Its sole aim is to destroy its neighbours who want to live in peace. And it will commit the most criminal acts to remain in control. So who is this occupier of Gaza?

It’s Hamas, a terrorist dictatorship which terrifies its own people by torturing and imprisoning any Palestinian who disagrees with its ambition.

There appears to be is a faint glimmer of hope, however. At this stage it is only a glimmer. There are signs that the Gazans are becoming aware of the way that Hamas uses them as human shields while its ” brave warriors” hide underground and their leaders live safely in other countries.

There was a broadcast on the BBC recently which showed an old Gazan woman holding the corpse of a child while moaning “Curse Hamas.”

Another significant event was described by that infamous newspaper, “The Age”, which, as you know by now, is no friend of Israel. Following the reprisal by Israel on the position from which rockets were launched towards Southern Israel a U.N school area turned out to be Hamas’s choice of launch pad. “The Age” ( Friday 10th Jan p.6) reported that at the funerals :-

senior Hamas official Mushir al-Masri emerged from hiding to congratulate those he called martyrs. Some parents shook his hand; some stared at him coldly.

It is possible that the Gazans are beginning to understand who is really occupying their country- Hamas with the urging of Iran and Syria.


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