Obama’s win

Thank goodness that Obama won the election convincingly. I hope that now the U.S can begin a new phase and feel better about itself as a nation. I have always said that it’s about perception and Obama represents a new and refreshed America. As a nation, Americans want to be liked. They care what the rest of the world thinks of them and they want to be able to declare that they live in the best country in the world. If America is happy then Australia is happy and that’s what counts for me.

When you analyse what Obama has promised, there is nothing new. Most of the time he just asked questions. There were questions about tax, school fees, health costs, the aged and main street and Wall St. As his campaign continued his tone became more and more evangelical and this appeals to Americans.

As I write, he is currently talking about the long and difficult road ahead, but of course, nobody is hearing this part of the victory speech.

I hope the mood in the U.S improves because I want the financial climate to recover. If he can heal the economy then that will cheer me up since we are so bound to the American financial situation.

Congratulations to Obama! Here’s hoping he doesn’t disappoint…too soon.

Iran’s Interior Minister’s shortcuts

So he bought his degree instead of studying for it, so what? He paid for it in good faith. It’s not as if he stole it. Money was handed over, after all. Let’s face it, studying can be such a strain. You have to attend lectures, write essays, present seminar papers, learn stuff and then sit for exams and PASS.

In today’s world of plagiarism and pretending to be what you are not, like educated, for example, this is simply going that bit further. Raw ambition turns people into hypocrites and the Interior Minister of Iran decided he wanted to be a graduate.

He’s not the first and he’s not the last to cheat. In all honesty, I have met some graduates on whom education has left no lasting impression. Who knows if they didn’t purchase their degrees from the good old Iranian minister’s Alma Mater?

Would you like some cracked pepper with your meal?

Not many people know this but there exists an institution of higher learning which is the envy of many. Entrance to its course is ultra exclusive owing to its specialised training. Only the elite graduates of the catering and hospitality industry or stars from the Cirque du Soleil company have any hope of being admitted into the hallowed profession of the cracked pepper mill virtuoso.

We all react in sheer amazement at the dexterity of a Kylie or a Shane who brandishes this most iconic of restaurant paraphernalia. With what eloquence and what grace do the waiters and waitresses offer to crack the old pepper mill for us!

And don’t we feel especially pampered when they insist on doing the cracking themselves rather than have us blunder with our clumsy efforts. Can you imagine the catastrophe if we, mere mortals, tried to handle the holy grail ourselves?

I have personally witnessed microsurgeons and neurosurgeons brought to their knees in hopelessness at having to crack the pepper mill themselves. It is simply too challenging for them to be giving the mill a twist this way and then that way over their medium rare.

Thank goodness that Kylie has taken the special course in cracking the old pepper mill or we would be in despair. What to do? What to do? It’s all so too, too complicated, isn’t it?

We may be allowed to wield the old knife and fork, the crab crackers, the salt and sugar cruets and even the tomato sauce. We may even muck around with the pair of chopsticks, but it will be a long time before we can be trusted with the prized pepper grinder.

Until then, we will have to satisfy ourselves with saying “yes please” like some kindergarten kid who is being offered a treat. To say “no” would surely be extremely rude to Kylie who has evidently trained for years at that elite institution so that she can perform this most complicated of manoeuvres.