Iran’s Interior Minister’s shortcuts

So he bought his degree instead of studying for it, so what? He paid for it in good faith. It’s not as if he stole it. Money was handed over, after all. Let’s face it, studying can be such a strain. You have to attend lectures, write essays, present seminar papers, learn stuff and then sit for exams and PASS.

In today’s world of plagiarism and pretending to be what you are not, like educated, for example, this is simply going that bit further. Raw ambition turns people into hypocrites and the Interior Minister of Iran decided he wanted to be a graduate.

He’s not the first and he’s not the last to cheat. In all honesty, I have met some graduates on whom education has left no lasting impression. Who knows if they didn’t purchase their degrees from the good old Iranian minister’s Alma Mater?


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