When will they ever learn?

Who are “they” that I refer to in the title of this post? Well, it’s the deluded Christian missionaries from South Korea who thought they would like to help the folks in Afghanistan by bringing medical aid to them. They also hoped that they could convert a few of them, otherwise why would they be called missionaries?

So what happened? Well, the group of Koreans was kidnapped by the Taliban and is being held for ransom. It seems that the Taliban thought this capture was a great way to have some of their felons released from jail in exchange. The fact that they had come to help, stupid idea that it was, held no sway with the Taliban.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Human shields, capture of journalists by the Palestinians, it’s all part of the same Muslim culture and yet the West (in this case it was the East) will not understand that Muslims do not think the way we do. For them all is fair in war and war, cause that’s what it is. There is no love, there is no compassion for others, there are no moral codes and if the Christians think that being kind and reaching out a hand in friendship will achieve some dialogue, they are kidding themselves absolutely.

You know what? You can only turn the other cheek the once. After that, you run out of cheeks.

The Taliban have murdered two of the Korean hostages already. Others are ill and there is talk that the Taliban may release some women who are sick. It’s been described as ” a goodwill gesture”.

Now isn’t that nice. First you capture them and then you dangle the possibility that you are a decent human being and feel compassion. It’s a repetition of what Hamas was saying when that BBC journalist was abducted. They were going to help release him. Pardon me for smirking, but I’m not impressed.

It’s the same old story of the scorpion that I wrote about in an earlier post.


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