Hostage taking works.

In my previous blog I criticised both the South Korean do-gooders and the Taliban who kidnapped them. The latest news is that yet another nation, South Korea, has capitulated to the villainous kidnappings by the Muslims.

Every time someone gives in to kidnappers it proves that taking hostages will bring about results. Israel has declared that it will never negotiate with hostage takers and it doesn’t, but nations such as Spain, France, Italy and South Korea make a rod for their own backs as well as setting a bad example for the rest of the world.

The only practical way to deal with kidnappers is to refuse to concede to their demands. We saw what happened after the Madrid bombing. A train was bombed by some Muslims and the Spanish government surrendered to the terrorists’ demands. Here was tangible proof that terrorism works against cowards.

The Italians and the French paid an exorbitant sum of money to free some of their kidnapped folk.

So now we have the South Koreans agreeing to pull out of Afghanistan if those nineteen missionaries are released. Apparently, the South Koreans were going to leave anyway, so they say, but if that is the case then the kidnappings would have been futile, wouldn’t they?

Nobody believes the South Koreans, but we are all furious that they are putting the rest of us in danger.

As long as kidnappers get what they want, they will keep on terrorising the world and as long as cowards capitulate, they will give the green light to terrorists. More lives will inevitably be threatened and why deal with the devil?

I have always suspected that some nations have allowed their journalists or staff to be kidnapped so that they could give some financial support to the terrorists. No need to say which nations are sympathetic to the Muslims.

One duplicitous country earned its reputation for collaborating with its “enemies” during the Second World War and it seems as if it is continuing with double-crossing strategy.

I can’t help but be cynical that France is now sending a politician to Iraq to see perhaps whether it can be profit from what’s going on there. After all, it’s not sending peace-keepers, is it? Perhaps it wants to help rebuild Iraq after the Americans and its allies have done the hard work and sacrificed lives. There’s pots of money in rebuilding and you can be sure that France will find a why to profit from a tragic situation. I expected better from Sarkozy who seems to be very different from his treacherous predecessors, but we’ll see what happens.

Pity that South Korea gave in, though.


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