Cheap and dangerous

A while back I sang the praises of China’s manufacturing industry but I now have to rescind my claim because this week it was discovered that some toys made in China for American firms were using lead paints which are dangerous when licked by young children.

Frankly, the safety controls are not good enough and the only way that we can make sure that China improves its standards is to avoid Chinese products that could cause harm.

This was brought home to me recently when I suffered quite a debilitating gastric illness. It was then that I realised how important hygiene rules are when it comes to buying food. We had been warned about contaminated fish from Vietnam and I chose to dismiss such warnings as being the sour grapes reaction of Australian fishermen who found it hard to compete with imports from S.E Asia.

It appears, however, that uncooked seafood from S.E Asia is loaded with antibiotics and e-coli etc. Pretty sickening. So now our government has banned some uncooked seafood lines from that region. What a great move!

I have now gone further and will do my utmost not to eat any imports from any of those countries to our near north. Whenever I watch a travel show on TV and see those street stalls without refrigeration or washing conditions, my stomach heaves. It is not exotic to me. Just dirty.Where my stomach and health are concerned I am not in the least adventurous. Paranoid? Most definitely. But I learned my lesson the hard way.


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