Is it the generation gap?

On Saturday the 21st July we went to town. The day is important because it was on this weekend that the USS Kitty Hawk came to our city with its crew of five and a half thousand. They must have been looking forward to meeting some more Aussie girls or guys, I guess and having a pleasant time before the carrier made its final journey back to the U.S via Guam.

Although the sailors weren’t in uniform they were easily recognisable by their short haircuts and polite manner. At lunch at one of the food halls I observed several young women hovering around a table where three Americans were sitting. I felt very sorry for the women and somewhat ashamed of them because they were quite unattractive in their cheap clothes and their hunched postures.

Not one of them knew how to stand straight. Their figures were S shaped. Drooping shoulders, concave chest and stomaches that protruded in an effort to remain upright painted a forlorn picture of Australian womanhood

With their constant preening and weak attempts at nonchalant giggling, they reminded me of a nervous band of chimps when they hear nature photographers approaching.

When I looked around at the other young girls in the place, most of them were trashy and tragic. Not one of them had panache or even panache-lite. Youth was on their side but wasn’t working for them because, sadly they lacked poise, style, presentation, composure, coquettishness, intrigue. The list goes on. They exuded availability rather than allure.

Not surprisingly, the sailors preferred their own company. And no, I don’t think that the guys were gay, but perhaps they were and I’m sure that the gay Aussie males would have had more style than these sorry sights.

All this made me reflect on why young women can’t stand up straight or behave in an attractive manner. I’m not talking about being prim. No way. I’m talking about looking like women, like females, like somebody worth chatting up. After all, if the sailors only want sex they can afford it and good luck to them. But I’m referring to a fun time with some healthy Aussie girls who look intriguing, the sort that one would enjoy admiring and perhaps taking a photo back home with them as a souvenir.

I’m certain that any young woman reading this blog would conclude that I have no idea about the dating scene today and I say thank goodness. And I would agree that perhaps I’m demonstrating the generation gap and again I say thank goodness.

It can’t be easy for young women today with the rotten role models like you know and parents who can’t be bothered teaching them how to stand erect a la homo sapien and even flirt a little without the desperation of sows on heat.

It was sad to watch and I couldn’t help but think of a new slant on the old saying. I have changed it slightly to “One man’s piece of trash is every man’s trash.” Harsh but true. I’m looking out for the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune but it had to be said.


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