Does Sam, the store manager at Coles Tooronga Village in Melbourne, really exist?

There is a photo of a friendly store manager in Coles.  His name is Sam but I am beginning to wonder if he is real since he never responds to me as a loyal  customer’s  call  for assistance.

Last week I even asked two representatives from Coles Head office who happened to be visiting the supermarket if Sam is a real manager or just a photo on the wall near the entrance to Coles.  They laughed and said that he should be on the floor with the rest of the staff.

Well, I searched for him,  in vain.

Today, when I wanted to know the price of some kiwifruit I asked a member of staff  why it wasn’t priced correctly. The price was for coconuts, apparently.

So I asked the cashier at one of the two aisles that were staffed whether Sam was around.

She apologised and told me it was Sam’s official day off.

We have yet to meet.






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