Australia’s obsessions make it the lucky country


For the past few days the folks downunder have been inundated with news about a horse called Winx. Apparently,  she runs fast and wins races.

Can’t wait to see more of her. Only kidding.

As Rhett Butler said, “Frankly,  my dear…”

And if it’s not about Winx then it’s about cricket and putting your hands down your pants to tamper with a ball and that’s not cricket. Or is it?

Every day in the late afternoon and early evening we are flooded with advertisements about gambling. In fact , even one of our cricket “heroes” is used to promote betting. And if that is not ironic enough we are advised to gamble responsibly.

So what does that mean?  From the point of view of betting agencies they want the viewers to gamble as irresponsibly as possible so that more money is accumulated by them. After all, isn’t it all about making a profit?  So why pretend that they are giving us good advice?  For crying out loud, pull the other one.

Now, you would think that I am against all this obsession with sports and betting, but I have learned to count my blessings.


Because in other parts of the world people are killing each other, starving and imprisoning their enemies, pillaging and hating one another.

So go ahead, Winx. While you keep us distracted we are very lucky to be living here.


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