“Final Answer?” How Eddie McGuire prompts contestants in “Hot Seat”

It’s so blatant that I wonder how Eddie McGuire can look himself in the mirror. His quiz show, “Hot Seat,” (Channel 9 at 5.30pm weekdays) consists of a set of four possible answers, A,B,C and D. The contestant has to pick the correct answer and then be allowed to move on to the next level.

What Eddie does is to prompt the contestant to make another choice by asking “Final Answer?”. This actually means, “pick another answer because this one is wrong.”

I know he does this because I have recorded the programme after I became suspicious about the possible manipulation of answers.

There is definitely a discernible pattern in Eddie’s responses to the answers. The only exception to this pattern occurs where there is insufficient time to ask “Final Answer?”

It’s possible that Mr McGuire is not aware of his habit, but one has to remember that this show is first and foremost “Entertainment” and sometimes its producers just want to keep the ball rolling instead of having a series of drop-outs.

After all, too many losers could mean a fall in ratings.


9 thoughts on ““Final Answer?” How Eddie McGuire prompts contestants in “Hot Seat”

  1. I noticed that too. It really used to annoy me at first but you’re right, you don’t want a whole lot of dropouts.

    I’d be annoyed though if I was the person next after the person who was getting prompted and I missed out of a lot of money because they stayed in when they should have gone out.


  2. Yeah, he most definitely does! You can also tell when the person has got the last question right, because he draws it out for as long as possible before getting around to saying “you’ve won blah blah dollars”. It really annoyed me at first, but now I just find it amusing; especially when he’s blatantly trying his utmost to tell the person not to lock it in and they lock in the wrong answer anyway! HA! XD


  3. Have you noticed also that when the correct answer is given Eddie asks “Locked in?”. That means “Don’t change your mind and give another answer cause this one is okay.”

    The whole thing is pretty silly isn’t it?

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  4. Totally obvious shouldn’t be allowed I think. All you need to do is wait for the lady 10 secs say an answer see his reaction then change it if he want you to confirm. Makes your chances 50% rather than 25 if you have no idea. Also are the people told to carry on with a bunch of crap before answering.


  5. He is still doing it and getting away with it so bosses must be in on it to let him do it. Tonights show, second to last question ‘Emma’ said lock in B to which he replied ( he doesn’t need to say anything ) “10 seconds left” so she changed her guess and went on to win $100,000.00 with b=next question.
    The other contestants waiting must be p^ssed off esp if they knew answers but because of cheating host did not get to sit on ‘Hot Seat’
    A total scam but why? Who else benefits unless it just makes show more interesting? BS


  6. myself and many others I know, have stopped watching “Hot Seat” for that very reason, it is a joke that eddie prompts right or wrong answers, If eddie was replaced then I would watch it again, he also baffles on to much, doesn’t he know that nobody interested???


  7. Tonight a young teacher was so close to winning $100,000 and was sitting on the right answer when Eddie finally said “tell me what to do” which she interpreted as a hint that she was wrong so she picked another answer at the last second. Eddie is a joke. Everyone keeps looking at him for hints. Some get it, others don’t! I’m not watching anymore!


  8. Thursday 2nd December lady was asked to pick which of 4 countries were most likely to have a types of noodles or something like that. The lady said I think it’s China. Eddis said nothing, a long pause and said “you still have a life-line. The lady read that as China must ne wrong answer and she picked another one of the other 3. But China was the right answer after all.. Now here is what I reckon, the right answer is hidden from Eddie when the contestant has a life line because one of the life lines is ASK EDDIE. Anyhow, I agree with all the above,, there should be no prompts and no long pauses by Eddie. All Eddie need do is offer no prompts and let the contestant say lock it in when they want to. If it gets to 5 seconds left and still no lock in, all Eddie needs to say is 5 seconds. Let’s have it fair for all.


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