Wow! “Still Mine” – Another depressing film about dementia!

I just heard a review of a film which is catering to the senior market. It’s called “Still Mine” and is, wait for it, another film about an old person with Alzheimer’s. Now that makes more than four films in the past year that have dealt specifically with one of the characters going bonkers and how everyone copes with it.

The reviewer said that this film is for the senior market because seniors don’t want action movies or silly teenage romances. He is correct there.

But do we really want to see yet another a film about dementia, euthanasia and other depressing subjects when we go out on the town?

I prefer “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” which did not deal with the so-called morbid side of life. It was fun, uplifting and a pleasure to see.

I’m not avoiding the serious issues but I would rather enjoy my outing to the theatre than be confronted by the spectre of death and misery. If I want to see that I only have to switch on the TV to a news channel and I can access all the hopeless reality of this world.

Enough is enough! Give us something positive, worth going out for and spending our money.


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