Pro-Palestinian activist finally makes it to Israel

Professional agitator, Michael Coleman, was among the activists trying to break the arms blockade to Israel last week. The previous time he tried to sail to Gaza was in July of this year. On that occasion, he was stopped from doing so by the Greeks. This time he managed to leave Greece and sail towards Gaza for the purpose of provoking Israel into arresting him.

The arms blockade of Gaza has been declared legal by the U.N but that doesn’t seem to make a difference to the activists.

So Coleman and his mates were stopped by Israel and given a choice. They could go on to Egypt or they could be processed in Israel.

Well, with all that’s going on in Egypt, especially massacres of Christians, the activists decided that the big bad Satan, Israel, was a safer bet than Church-burning Egypt.

With all that’s going on in the Middle East, the massacre of Syrian protestors, the burning of Churches in Egypt, all evidence of human rights infringement, it is mind-boggling that 27 activists, including Australian Michael Coleman, would continue to provoke Israel.

However, there is a simple explanation for this.

In answer as to why foreign activists don’t agitate against human rights violations in the Arab Spring countries it’s because they are cowards. If the activists performed their stunts against Egypt or Syria or Yemen or any other country in the Middle East, apart from Israel, they would be arrested, tortured and never heard of again.

The ironic reality behind these stunts is that the activists feel safer in Israeli hands than in the rest of the Middle East. They know that in Israel the Irish or Canadian or Australian consuls will be allowed to visit them to assist them. This would obviously not be the case if they were detained by Israel’s neighbours.

So that’s why these twits will keep on demonstrating against Israel, while real massacres and deprivations in the rest of the world are left unchecked or put into the too-hard basket. That’s the easy way out, isn’t it?


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