Senators Bob Brown and Doug Cameron are into name calling

You have to admire Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas. There he was at the Senate inquiry into Qantas’ lockout on Saturday, one solitary figure defending his actions before the big wigs of the Senate. He gave as good as he got when Doug Cameron attacked him and said he was like Richard Nixon to which Joyce replied that Cameron was holding a McCarthy trial.

A petulant Bob Brown, hostile as ever to big corporations, resorted to calling Joyce devious and obscure. The more I see of Brown the more I mistrust him.

Joyce doesn’t look tough. He looks gentle but he definitely has mettle. One could not argue with his claim that the unions were trying to wreck the company. He described the protracted on again off again strikes by the unions as “Death by a thousand cuts”.

Sadly, Qantas may yet become too weak to survive but at least Joyce will have fought for the company.

And you have to respect a man who says that the decision to take strong action against the unions was his and his alone. A bit of a Western Hero like Alan Ladd in “Shane” or Gary Cooper in “High Noon”.


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