I return the MacBook Air

The folk at the Apple Store were very gracious when I gave back the computer yesterday. I had no problems getting my refund. After all, they had promised that if I could not get used to the annoying track pad they would let me bring it back.

My previous post had already mentioned that I found it hard to get used to being mouseless. It was just too strange for me to have to do those crazy movements with my fingertips instead of simply clicking the mouse.

Quite seriously, the advantages of having a small and portable computer failed to compensate for the frustration of stuffing things up.

So now I am back to my iMac and it’s good to be happy in familiar territory.

However, I must emphasise that the problem was not with the MacBook Air, nor with the people in the Apple Store. They could not have been nicer.

It simply was a case of what I am used to.

I look forward to the day when Apple can incorporate a mouse with a small resting platform into their MacBook Air. A sort of platform that would jut out when necessary, something that doesn’t require loops and strokes of the fingers to make it work. Then I would love to give it another go.


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