Congratulations to the Suzanne Grae stores

I’m back to being a fan of the Suzanne Grae fashion stores. It’s been an on again off again relationship since 2001. I used to love them. Then I hated them and now I love them again.

I couldn’t stand their trailer trash period which lasted for several sad years and so gave them a miss.

In 2009 they had announced that they would change what they were selling, but I wasn’t convinced enough to shop there.

A couple of weeks ago, however, I ventured into one of their stores and was pleasantly surprised by what they had on offer. It was the Suzanne Grae store that I had missed for too long.

They had come back to offering interesting items that mixed and matched perfectly with a trendy flair. Casual and easy to wear, the clothes are smart and appealing. I bought four items and then went back the following week and bought one more.

What I also appreciate is their policy of exchanging a purchase after one month if you are not perfectly happy with it. I can’t imagine that many people would take advantage of such a policy but it’s good to know that after sales service is not forgotten.

In 2008 I gave Suzanne Grae a real drubbing because they had gone downhill, in my opinion. Now I’m only too happy to sing their praises again.

I must declare that I have no connection with these stores apart from being a consumer who can feel quite fed up with the rather moronic trends that everyone seems to follow in the manner of lemmings.

Oops there goes another faux fur vest. How original!

I enjoy combining separates in my own way. No fluro colours to distract from my rather lively personality. It’s how I like to be. The choice at Suzanne Grae allows me to wear the clothes rather than the clothes wearing me. Let’s hope this welcome change lasts…


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