So 60% of Australian voters want Kevin Rudd back as PM

Isn’t it amazing how quickly people forget! Kevin Rudd was a hopeless Prime Minister who couldn’t get on with his ministers and his staff. He was a tyrant who refused to listen to caucus. He was a one man band, a law unto himself and his main ambition was to use the Prime Ministership position to inveigle himself into the post of Secretary-General of the UN.

So why do the Aussies suddenly want him back?

The answer is quite simple. The public has realised that the current Prime Minister is even worse in many ways. She has the foolish habit of announcing policies before they have been assessed. She even announces policies which are up in the air under the misapprehension that announcing the policy is a done deed. It’s been announced, therefore it exists.

For example, take the Malaysian solution for our boat people problem. It had not even been finalised when she jumped in, mouth open, and put her foot in it. The Malays had not yet agreed and yet she put herself and Australia in a weakened position for the negotiations. She would have to agree to anything the Malaysian government demanded because they now had the upper hand. Now that’s pretty stupid.

So why did she do this? Well, it’s because she is desperate. She has Kevin Rudd as a nemesis, ready to pounce. He must be gloating every time she makes a big mistake.

We have now witnessed her terrible handling of the live cattle fiasco. She has managed to put a hold on a thriving export industry when all she had to do was to reserve the export of live cattle to abattoirs that were humane.

It’s all because of desperation. She simply does not think things through. She reacts in a knee-jerk way like a person who is out of control.

The public have become thoroughly sick and tired of her and in fact, the more she appears on TV the less people like her.

If she wants to appeal to the public then she should make herself scarce. That’s what Kevin Rudd did by avoiding Australia.

Apparently, absence makes the heart grow fonder when it comes to politicians and the ordinary public is very forgetful. When Rudd is flying around the planet bringing joy to other climes, they begin to wonder if he really was as bad as all that.

Yes, he is that bad and it didn’t take long before he gave an interview this week in which he told everyone to “pop a Mogadon”. Not a wise bit of advice, is it? What a patronising creep he is and a drug pusher to boot…


2 thoughts on “So 60% of Australian voters want Kevin Rudd back as PM

  1. I can’t believe the opinion polls are saying the people want Rudd back. What questions do they ask to get that result?
    Rudd only loves and cares for one thing – himself. The good of Australia does not come into it. Oh for a statesman who could actually care about the future of this nation and work towards it not just look to the next election!!!


  2. You have said it very well, Helen. It seems as if both the Coalition and Labor are willing to sacrifice our precious country just to score points over the other party. If Rudd is the answer then I’m sure that “What’s good for Australia?” is not the question. We have witnessed the same stubborn greed in the U.S recently. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats gave a hoot about anything else but beating the opposition.
    I suspect that it is the media which is raking up the Rudd affair just for a bit of controversy. Nobody who knows Rudd could be convinced that he is anything more than an ambitious narcissist who cannot work with other people.


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