Wind Farms are a noisance

When we travelled throughout Belgium and parts of Holland a few years ago we were confronted by a terrible noise. It sounded like hundreds of engines reving up and piercing the otherwise pristine countryside. The beauty of the landscape was drowned out by the constant drone of some prehistoric monsters. “What in the world is that?” we asked the bus driver.

“Look over there!” he shouted and pointed to his right. It was a row of wind turbines in the distance. There they stood, several kilometres away on a row of hills. They were gargantuan and they were loud.

Not only were they ugly to look at but we could not imagine that anybody would want to live near them. Talk about noise pollution!

So why am I writing about them now? Well, it appears that AGL has been given the go-ahead to build wind turbines on farms in Victoria. Farmers are being paid for the use of their land and money talks loudly, but not as loudly as the wind turbines, in my opinion.


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