Can’t wait for election day in Australia

I haven’t written for the past ten days because the will to live has been crushed out of me. I am bored silly by the electioneering. Enough baby kissing, digging up bits of Australia, riding on tractors, sailing with the Coast Guard and squatting down in front of toddlers for a photo shoot.

It’s a circus out there and it’s extremely annoying. I would vote for a politician who declares he is not going to kiss and hug other people’s children. Think of the germs that he is spreading as he moves from one babe to another!

How absolutely ridiculous is the sight of a grown woman clambering up into a tractor in all her glam clothes, and jewels with that construction hat on her head and posing for a pix. Are we supposed to be impressed by that?

There is little dignity in the hustings. The media are hungry and want something to whinge about. The politician is catering to the lowest possible denominator of human intellect. And by that I mean the political machine and the journalists who have to fill the news reports with the most trivial and often inaccurate waste of newsprint.

Every action is assessed and analysed. Whom did the politician offend today with a slip of the tongue? Great! We have a headline. Abbott hates women! Julia Gillard is a heretic and so no Christian should vote for her!

None of this is true and yet it is written.

In other countries one has to pretend to be religious to even have a chance of being voted in. This is sadly the case in the U.S. And yet Church and State are supposed to be separate. This confuses me totally.

How refreshing it is to be able to say that one is not religious without having to face The Inquisition.

This circus of running around the country and performing like a seal is very degrading, in my opinion. I just want to hear what the parties and the leaders are intending to do. Forget the silly hats, the safety vests, the shovels, and the farce of being bowled over by the cuteness of Baby Raylene.

And please forget about appearing on some stupid panel and trying to be one of the fellas. Or filleting fish with a rather menacing machete. Reserve that delight for a fishmonger. What has any of this got to do with being a suitable Prime Minister, anyway?

I wouldn’t be surprised to see both candidates scrubbing up and performing surgery in a dinkum operating theatre just to announce more funds for Health. Blood and guts everywhere. Julia and Tony brandishing scalpels. What a photo opportunity that would be!


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