A Christmas Greeting or something like it.

This week we received a Christmas greeting from our weekend newspaper delivery guy. We didn’t even know we had a weekend delivery guy until he left an empty envelope beside our newspaper with a bit of paper attached to the outside of the envelope wishing us all the best for Xmas.

It took us a couple of bemused minutes to work out why the empty envelope. Apparently, we were supposed to fill it with a bit of green Christmas cheer. 0/10 for finesse…

This reminded me of what used to happen to us when we first arrived in Australia in the Fifties. During the week before Xmas the garbage collectors or “garbos” as they are known in Oz would wake up the entire neighbourhood with their hootin’ and a hollerin’ at daybreak. The first time this happened we asked our neighbour what it was all about. She said it was to remind us that Xmas is coming and we should leave some cans of beer on the footpath for the garbos. We had to do it or else our garbage would be strewn all over the road… “an offer we couldn’t refuse.”

It was a kind of traditional protection racket and if you questioned its ethics, then you weren’t a good sport. This was then and this is now. That sort of pollution would be frowned on today and I hadn’t thought of it in years until our newspaper delivery guy reminded me of the good old days. lol

Another wall on the Gaza border

What will the world media say about the latest wall being constructed on the Gaza border? I can’t hear any outcry nor complaints from all those who condemned the security barrier in Israel, the one that had to be built to keep out the suicide bombers.

This morning, 10th December, I googled to find any report about this new wall in the Australian media and found zilch.

Why not? Well, because this time it is being constructed by Egypt to stop the Palestinian smugglers bringing all sorts of stuff including weapons out of Egypt into Gaza. The other reason is that Egypt does not want Palestinians entering its country illegally. The wall will be made of steel. It will also go down about 18 metres underground to stop the Gazans from digging beneath it.

It’s always one rule for the Muslims and their supporters and another for Israel, isn’t it? Take the latest attack by “insurgents” on a school in Iraq. Children were blown up in the schoolyard, all victims of their fellow Muslims. I haven’t heard any outrage from the Muslim community. It was just reported by journalists without any commentary.

Very interesting, isn’t it how if an Israeli farts it’s an attack on the environment, but when Muslims massacre their own, it’s quite ok. Perhaps that’s because when a Muslim commits an heinous crime it’s what the rest of the world and the Muslims themselves have come to expect. It’s not a surprise.

p.s Just read an Arab blog which discusses the new tunnel. Apparently this is a ploy by the Israelis to stop the Gazans from smuggling food. Does this mean that the Egyptians are quite happy to see their fellow Muslims starve? Isn’t that what I just wrote about in my blog?

Rudd chases Obama all over the place.

It wasn’t that long ago that the Labor Party in Australia was criticising former Prime Minister, John Howard, for being a minion of the U.S President. Howard was too close to him. Howard should have been more independent, according to the Labor Party. So what is the situation now with Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd?

Last week Rudd went to the U.S to confer with Obama. There have been many such visits to the U.S since Rudd became Prime Minister. Interestingly enough, I don’t seem to hear the Laborites complaining that Rudd is too close to the U.S. Where is their indignation now?

Rudd has even postponed going to Copenhagen until his big playmate goes there later on. In fact, Rudd would do nothing without the approval of Obama and this is amazing for a party that wanted Australia to distance itself from the U.S while the Liberals were at the helm. This is blatant hypocrisy.

Quite frankly, I am of the view that we need to be allied with the U.S and I always thought it was wise of Howard to maintain the bond since we don’t have many genuine friends in our region, but it annoys me when Rudd receives no criticism from the Labor Party for doing exactly what Howard did.

We’ll no doubt hear their outrage if Abbott goes to the U.S. Not that he will in the near future, though, because he is more concerned with what’s happening inside Australia than prancing around on the world stage.

Lili says no to Tiger Woods

Went to my “Women who have not slept with Tiger Woods or Bill Clinton” meeting this week and it was pretty lonely there. Just a couple of us, really. And it’s not as if we hadn’t been approached by either of the gentlemen. The other member of our club was a golf pro who had offered to caddy for Tiger but that’s as far as she was prepared to go.

As for me, I really didn’t want to come between a man and his wife. Call me old-fashioned, but I was primarily thinking of my own marriage. It isn’t easy being married and I wasn’t prepared to risk it all just for the glory of being another bimbo who fell for a celebrity.

Which brings me to the sad truth of it all. If it weren’t for the fact that Tiger and Old Bill are famous men, would anyone, including their wives, give them the time of day? There is an old Jewish saying that a rich man is handsome, has a great personality and sings well too.

Napoleon Perdis meets his Waterloo on service.

When it comes to customer service Napoleon of Cosmetics fame is disappointing. I phoned his Australian Head Office in Sydney to complain about one of his products. In the past, his Cake Eyeliner Sealer has been very good but this latest bottle evaporated too quickly as soon as it was poured onto the cake of eyeliner.

The service person on the end of the phone said there must be something wrong with the product. On this we agreed. She then suggested that I post it Registered Mail to Sydney. Now that seemed silly to me because the sealer only cost $22. So then she suggested that I search for the receipt and then go to the shopping mall with it and have it replaced.

I asked her why I couldn’t exchange it at the local pharmacy which stocks Napoleon cosmetics, but she said that this is impossible because it is not a concept store….whatever.

It’s really not worth all the trouble, is it? I’m only writing about this because I had a similar problem with a Chanel product but Chanel’s service was totally different. Its Customer Service Manager sent me a postage-paid jiffy bag in which I placed the faulty item and returned it. I received a replacement in the next delivery.

That’s how you should treat customers and that’s how you will keep them loyal to your products.