Napoleon Perdis meets his Waterloo on service.

When it comes to customer service Napoleon of Cosmetics fame is disappointing. I phoned his Australian Head Office in Sydney to complain about one of his products. In the past, his Cake Eyeliner Sealer has been very good but this latest bottle evaporated too quickly as soon as it was poured onto the cake of eyeliner.

The service person on the end of the phone said there must be something wrong with the product. On this we agreed. She then suggested that I post it Registered Mail to Sydney. Now that seemed silly to me because the sealer only cost $22. So then she suggested that I search for the receipt and then go to the shopping mall with it and have it replaced.

I asked her why I couldn’t exchange it at the local pharmacy which stocks Napoleon cosmetics, but she said that this is impossible because it is not a concept store….whatever.

It’s really not worth all the trouble, is it? I’m only writing about this because I had a similar problem with a Chanel product but Chanel’s service was totally different. Its Customer Service Manager sent me a postage-paid jiffy bag in which I placed the faulty item and returned it. I received a replacement in the next delivery.

That’s how you should treat customers and that’s how you will keep them loyal to your products.


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