The Book Depository gives Amazon a run for its money

We don’t buy books in Australia because they cost too much. And since the Australian government recently chickened out again over making books more accessible to the public things are not going to improve in the near future. That’s a great pity for a nation that wants to encourage reading.

I deeply resent protecting an industry which penalises the reading public. It is simply unfair to make us pay more just to please a small minority of inefficient publishers and their egotistical authors.

This protection policy must be quite a disadvantage for Australian booksellers and so one can’t blame them for wanting this system to be abolished. One has to wonder, also, what happened to the level playing field that Australia moans about when it comes to tariffs in other countries and yet it does the same for books here.

So for this reason we have been buying books from Amazon. com.

Our latest venture, however, in book buying has been from The Book Depository in the U.K. This company charges a little more for each book but there are no mailing costs, so it ends up being cheaper than Amazon. On my last purchase which arrived today, the book cost $8 less than it would have cost at Amazon. Not only that, but the book arrived in about a week, whereas our last purchase from Amazon took three weeks even though it was in stock.

Not bad. Hope The Book Depository continues to deliver. Well done!


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