Prime Minister Rudd loses face

In spite of the Prime Minister’s claims that he had nothing to do with capitulating to the the queue-jumping and blackmailing Tamils on the Oceanic Viking, no Australian is convinced that Rudd is telling the truth. It is simply not his style to stay in the background of any political conflict. Rudd is a controlling personality who tells his three minions what to say and do at all times.

But when things go wrong and he is seen to lose face he pretends to not be “in the know.”

Suddenly he wasn’t there! Suddenly he knew nothing about the offer to the Tamils to be processed ahead of every other “asylum seeker” in Indonesia. And in fact, he denies that this is the case even when the Indonesians themselves have announced the Oceanic Viking agreement. This therefore must mean that the Indonesians are lying.

However, one has to wonder why the Indonesians would do that? What is in it for them? Let’s face it, the Tamils were heading for Australia. It was the Australians who rescued the Tamils and then did not know what to do with them.

We all know that Rudd is gigantically ambitious.

He does not appear to be devoted to Australia’s interests except as a stepping stone to “greater things” on the world stage. If it were a choice between a career in the U.N and betraying the interests of Australia, there would be no dilemma for Rudd. His career in global politics would come first. Such ambition is palpable and I wonder how long it will take before his party and the people of Australia get fed up with it.


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