Australia gives in to the Tamil blackmailers on the Oceanic Viking

Last night I was livid as I listened to Senator Chris Evans, our Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, refusing to answer questions about the Tamil blackmailers being offered quick processing to entice them out of their seige.

I am so sick and tired of political spin. An interviewer asks a politician a question and the answer comes out as a drone on a prerecording. Evans kept on repeating what the government had told him to say, which was that Australia had offered quick processing and that everything was under control because the government is patient.

What a load of crap! He refused to comment on the fact that these Tamils were being offered preferential treatment. It was deplorable to watch a minister going on and on with the same mantra…”Everything is under control blah blah” and his nose grew longer and longer as he spoke.

It just goes to show that if queue-jumpers want to enter Australia illegally, they can do so as long as they are prepared to sit it out. The Tamils had us over a barrel. Why? Because we want to appear nice and goody and “compassionate”. Of course, the reality is that we appear piss-weak in a conflict.

Can’t wait for the next bunch of illegals to see what the government will do about them. They are already packing their suitcases as I write.

Now I read that 20 of the blackmailers have agreed to disembark in Indonesia. I suppose that the government will try to spin itself out of this capitulation by saying that the result is good. Well, it’s not, Mr Rudd. As for Chris Evans, he’s just another of Rudd’s little puppets who is not allowed say anything that has not been approved by Kevin.

What is the point of protocol and legislation and borders etc. if any bunch of illegals will be able to ignore them? Just sit it out, fellas and you’ll be living at the Hilton at our expense.


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