President Carter gets it wrong as usual

I was having a quiet break from blogging when President Carter came out with more drivel. This time it was about people objecting to President Obama’s policies because of racism. According to the nutty farmer who was one of the worst presidents ever, people disapprove of Obama because he is black. What a load of rubbish! Why can’t someone disagree with Obama without being labeled a racist?

In my opinion, Obama’s election was due in part to his being black. Not too black, but a nice latte blend of black and white which was an attraction at a time when Americans wanted change. Not only in political party but as different as possible from the white Republicans of the past. So Obama fit the bill perfectly.

On balance, Obama’s colour was a plus rather than a disadvantage and still is in the eyes of the Europeans and the Middle Easterners. This is an important point since the Democrats want to distance themselves from the previous administration and Obama’s physical appearance is now a symbol of change in both policy and provenance.

Of course, there are racists in America just as there are racists in the rest of the world, and there always will be. But Carter is barking up the wrong tree if he accuses critics of Obama’s initiatives of being racist. That is just a cheap shot and, as usual, Carter is way off the mark.


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