Tim Holding a potential Darwin Award recipient

Just when you thought that our intrepid Minister for H₂0 couldn’t embarrass himself more than he already has, Tim Holding admitted that after slipping down a mountain for 200 metres, he was offered help from passing mountain climbers, BUT refused. These climbers wanted to lend him some snow shoes.

Not for him a beacon and other mandatory safety precautions for solitary adventurers. He was going to do it his way.

What is his way? Well, may you ask. His way is to go alone, lose his footing when he became confused, refuse sensible offers of help from other trekkers and then risk the lives of 80 rescuers.

Some adventurer! If it weren’t for the efforts of the Australian Federal Police who used a special plane to seek him out, he would still be there freezing his butt off. When asked if he would go a wanderin’ up a mountain in below freezing temperatures again, he said yes, but he would take a safety beacon with him next time.

Of course he would have to take lessons on how to switch it on, no doubt. It was noted that he did not even suggest making a donation to the rescue mission.

Do we really need politicians who are so inconsequential and are willing to risk the lives of others just because their brains originated in a pickle jar?


3 thoughts on “Tim Holding a potential Darwin Award recipient

  1. Yeah, it gets even worse because after he has refused the help of the other hikers he has apparently decided to leave the track and make his own way back via a creek, what the!!! Any decent hiker knows that A: you do not leave the track and B: you do not follow creeks, however tempting they may seem they are likely to be overgrown and the hardest route.


    • Thanks Stu for the extra information. Obviously, you know a lot more than our Water Minister who’s supposed to be “an experienced hiker”…


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