Therese Rein swashbuckles into Harlem

I think that I’ve figured out Therese Rein’s approach to fashion. Since she can’t be admired for her appearance the Prime Minster’s wife has decided to make herself a laughing stock. It’s the old adage that there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

So when The First Lady flounced into Harlem yesterday she decided to go as a pirate of the Caribbean. I almost wet myself with laughter when she appeared in her black and white costume with the biggest cuffs in the world. And when she extended her hand, there it was, a cuff the size of her waist.

It’s no longer a question of fashion sense and needing a stylist. She’s perfect as a clown.


One thought on “Therese Rein swashbuckles into Harlem

  1. Clown she is indeed. Maybe she should also stay off the imported cheese to look less like a blimp. STAY AT HOME, you can wear whatever you wish,you are free to do so BUT DON’T REPRESENT US ON THE WORLD STAGE WE DID NOT VOTE FOR YOU.


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