Nick D’Arcy gets a slap on the wrist for assault

Once again Australian courts have let us down. Nick D’Arcy, who viciously aussalted a fellow swimmer and damaged his face for life has been let off jail. Why? Because he’s a sportsman and in Australia all is forgiven if you are a sportsman. So D’Arcy, who’s no example to young people, is going to be turned into some kind of hero if he wins a race. I suspect it wouldn’t matter if he murdered someone as long as he can swim for Australia.

I have heard that Wayne Carey who apparently can kick a football and a girlfriend has been put into the Hall of Fame. That’s Fame with an F not SH.

Two days ago some idiot “reformed” drug addict, who used to play football, almost brought our city to a standstill when he appeared in a football match. It was an anti-climax since he played badly, fell over, hurt himself and is now recuperating for the next month.

So now we will have to put up with progress reports on his health. He’s no example for our youth either, but all is forgiven if you play sport.

It’s not just the sportsmen who get off lightly when they commit a crime. I’ve already alluded to the aboriginal who sexually assaulted a four year old girl and got a suspended sentence.

Compare that leniency with the appropriate sentence given to a young couple in Germany who starved their baby daughter to death.

The couple were drug addicts and this is an important point because if they had been Australian the drug addiction would have been a mitigating circumstance as it often is with murderous drunk drivers. Had the couple been Australian sports stars then they would not have been sentenced at all. And had the couple been aboriginal then the do-gooders would have pleaded for understanding of their culture.

You see the law treats people differently even when it’s supposed to be blind and fair. I could add “deaf and dumb” to those attributes as well, but only for a price.


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