Therese Rein discovers knee-high boots

We haven’t seen much of our First Lady, Therese Rein a.k.a Mrs Rudd lately and that has obviously been a concerted decision on the part of the media.

She has been away in England most of the time busily expanding her multi-million dollar business which grew and grew with the support of the government outsourcing scheme. She didn’t even make it back to Australia when the terrible bushfires were devastating the country. So much for compassion, Therese…

But she’s in the public eye once again because a free trip to meet the American president and Mrs Obama was not an occasion to miss. So there she was, boarding the plane to the U.S. This time she decided to wear a black sheath. OK so far, but unfortunately she couldn’t resist the tight belt which is a No!No!

On top of that Therese wore a white parachute and her footwear was a pair of black knee-high boots. This accentuated her ample knees and did nothing for the rather summery outfit she was wearing. Her parachute coat had the usual huge lapels our Therese loves.

As for that hair. For Kevin’s sake get a style! It looks cheap and disheveled.

I have often commented on the First Lady’s taste in clothes because she is representing Australia when she bounces on the world stage. Her fashion tastes are extremely shonky and lacking in style. We know that she can afford the best advice but she probably wouldn’t take it. Must be that she’s a person who says “like it or lump it” and so we and the media have decided to lump it.

A bit like her hubby actually, who’s not known for taking advice. In a way, they match one another. He always looks as if he outgrew his suits and mummy won’t fork out for a new one until he has stopped growing. His ties are schoolboyish and crooked and he always looks as if he shops at the local outlet.

How embarrassing that even the media avoid photographing Mrs Rudd as much as they can. When she’s around she’s hard to miss and we feel that cultural cringe that took years to dispel.


2 thoughts on “Therese Rein discovers knee-high boots

  1. What a load of bollocks.

    Ms Rein is very fashion forward and prepared to try new and unusual styles.

    She’s a leader, not a follower… just like her hubby.

    Good luck to them both!


    • I agree with you about her new and unusual styles, Mich. Perfect for Halloween. Mind you, her fashion sense has improved lately since she’s decided to shed the poundage and accept advice from fashion folk to tone it down a bit. As for her husband, i have been reliably informed that he is a bully, so I guess any dictator can be called a leader by that definition.


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