Here we go again with Muslim students’ demands

When we came to Australia we were happy to be allowed to live in peace in a democratic country. We did not demand to be given special consideration and we were happy to fit in. If some things seemed different to us then we adapted to them. That’s what you do when you come to live in another country. You don’t expect that country to change things to please you. If you would like something to change then you go about it in a civilised manner. You put forward your reasons and perhaps accept a compromise. But you don’t threaten and you don’t demonstrate and hold protest marches. So whom am writing about? No surprises for guessing that it’s the Muslim students again.

Last year they wanted lecture timetables to be rescheduled This time they want their own prayer room because an interfaith prayer room is not good enough for them. They already have quite a few private prayer rooms on other campuses but they want one at the city campus of RMIT, an university in Melbourne, which is in the process of being renovated.

A question springs to mind when they demand a private prayer room for their own exclusive use. Surely it can’t be just for prayers because I have seen them praying in the streets of London. Why do they have to be so secretive?

Apart from the private Catholic University, our public Australian universities are secular. Religion in Australia is a personal matter and is not catered for in our non-denominational universities.

I will repeat what I wrote last year. If you want your own private rooms, your own Sharia laws, your own segregation of men and women, then go to a country which will provide these things for you.

I bet these students would not last a minute in Saudi Arabia. If they demonstrated in public and made unreasonable demands then they definitely would receive a room just for themselves. And they wouldn’t like it very much.


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