Why I could never vote for Peter Costello

I now live in the electorate of Higgins which has Peter Costello as its federal member. In the last election I voted for the Libs but I vote differently from time to time according to the issues. However, I could never vote for Peter Costello and this is why.

Yesterday, I heard Costello saying that there was no recession while the Libs were in government as if Labor had caused it. Now we have more Liberal politicians repeating the same rubbish and referring to our recession as Rudd’s Recession. That is so immoral! Had Howard still been the Prime Minister today there would still be an Australian recession since we are suffering from a global economic crisis.

I often blame Kevin Rudd for many things such as his blatant scheming to seek a diplomatic career on the world stage after he has finished being Prime Minister, but I cannot blame him for the recession.

Howard and his party were extremely lucky that China was growing at an amazing rate the past ten years and so it needed our mineral resources. We enjoyed a resources boom and now that China is slowing down we are facing trouble. This has nothing to do with Rudd and Costello knows it.

When the media discuss Costello they talk about the elephant in the room but I would describe him as a jackal. He is not to be trusted and at the moment he sits and smirks on the backbench and shows contempt for his own party. Where better than at the back for backstabbing?

John Howard must have had had so many problems with him and it is only now that we can understand how it would have been difficult for Howard to trust Costello. Imagine having a Brutus in your midst. Costello was a thorn in his side who now has revealed himself as a liar and a betrayer.

I cannot respect a man like that.

We, the people of Australia, are sick and tired of Costello’s machinations to become prime minister. His petulant sulking, the teasing, the criticism of his own party and his disloyalty to us remind me of a spoiled toddler who couldn’t get his way and is now going to spoil the day for everyone.

And if the media had any morals it would steer clear of him and let him fade away.


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