Congratulations to the Israeli Davis Cup Team

The Israeli team has defeated the Swedish Tennis Team in Malmo, Sweden. I have to confess that I have minimal interest in sport but I am in interested in the politics of sport. While everyone is rightly disgusted that the Sri Lankan cricket team or any cricket team should be targeted by terrorists, there was hardly a murmur of outrage by the outside world when the Israeli tennis team was greeted by demonstrations. So dangerous were these demonstrations that the match organisers had to limit the number of spectators allowed to attend the quarter final. Why is this occurring in Malmo which is Sweden’s third largest city?

Well, you only need to look at the pictures of the violent demonstrators. They are primarily men of Middle Eastern appearance—not a blond haired Nordic one. The explanation for this is that one quarter of Malmo’s population of 250,000 is made up of immigrants mainly from Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq, Iran and Lebanon.

The demonstrators managed to get a spokesman with the name of Olof to be their front man and he actually said “Malmo is Gaza.” Looks as if this could very well be true since the immigrants are calling the shots.

Anyhow, Israel won on the day, not that they expect to beat the formidable Russian team in the next round. Tennis was the loser as was Sweden in more ways than sport. By allowing itself to be blackmailed by the Muslims, the city of Malmo is the biggest loser and there will be more to come if they capitulate to threats from their aggressive Middle Eastern immigrants.


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