My sympathies for Mr and Mrs Loewenstein

Having read a certain book review in The Australian Literary Review last week by Antony Loewenstein I felt great sadness for his parents. How terrible it must be to produce a son like him, a self-hating Jew who continues to gets his rocks off by writing against Israel and Jews.

I could imagine his parents wondering where they went wrong. What had they done or not done to create a person who can actually praise the leader of Hamas who wishes to see the destruction of the Jewish state? That “The Australian” newspaper should have accepted his review of a book about the leader of Hamas is not surprising. Loewenstein’s views are controversial and he thrives on using his Jewish heritage to attack Israel. What better scandal than a modern Judas?

I don’t take seriously what he writes because he is a lost cause. He is like those Frenchmen, Ukrainians and Poles who collaborated with the Nazis and then were executed by them because the Nazis knew that they couldn’t be trusted in the long run.

My mind keeps turning back to Loewenstein’s parents and I weep for their shame. It must torment them constantly. Not that it would bother their son. As long as he can get into the news it doesn’t matter to him whom he betrays.


2 thoughts on “My sympathies for Mr and Mrs Loewenstein

  1. Hitler dies in 1945.

    FACE UP TO IT….there are always some people who want, nay, crave revenge…forgiveness is not JUST NOT enough.

    Enter: Lilligans’role???…to most mournfully disagree with anyone who dares disagree with it….no real reasons needed…sophistry lives on & in the Jewish….but who wins in a winnerless business model???

    FTR, I would be immensely proud to have a son with such social vision & personal courage as Antony Loewenstein.


    • I’m not sure if it’s a question of winning or losing, but rather one of learning from history.
      FTR, No doubt Antony Loewenstein would be proud to have you as a father


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