Could the Prime Minister of Australia be the next Secretary-General of the United Nations?

The actions of the Prime Minister of Australia seem to point to his wider ambition of strutting the world stage in global politics. Were it not for the economic recession, Kevin Rudd would be continuing his globe-trotting to ensure his ambitions after he has finished with Australian politics.

We witnessed his compulsion as soon as he was elected last year. In fact, during the early months of his tenure, we could be mistaken for thinking that Julia Gillard was our Prime Minister while Kevin was amassing his frequent flyer points in the global arena.

It could very likely be his ultimate ambition to become the Secretary-General of the United Nations. For this reason he has gone into politics after a long career in the diplomatic field. Whenever he travels it is with the intention of ingratiating himself with the big wigs on the world stage. And it is for this reason, in my opinion, that he is sending our Governor-General on a mission to to curry favour with the Africans.

The African vote would help Australia win a seat on the U.N Security Council. The Governor-General, who is the Queen’s representative in Australia and who should not be getting involved in party politics or politics at all, is suddenly becoming an ambassador for Rudd and I believe that it is inappropriate for her to be sent on this mission.

I have to confess that I squirm when Rudd announces what he is going to tell a certain world leader. He is a bit like the mouse that roared and it is embarrassing of him to pretend that he is of much significance in global politics. It would not hurt for him to display a bit of humility instead of the arrogance that must cause the U.S leader and those in Europe, Russia and China to ask, “where does this guy get off?”

To sum it up, there is basically nothing wrong with Rudd’s desire to be Secretary-General of the U.N. What worries me, however, is how much he will have to compromise in order to win the support of governments who may not be sympathetic to Australia’s interests.


One thought on “Could the Prime Minister of Australia be the next Secretary-General of the United Nations?

  1. Please also refer to Greg Sheridan’s article entitled “Today the Lodge, tomorrow the World” written on 14 May 2009 in “The Australian.”


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