Devastating news from Bolivia

As if Israel hasn’t enough problems from its neighbours, there has been a devastating announcement from Bolivia. “From where?” I hear you ask.

You know, that little country in South America which has the lowest GDP per capita in the continent. Seems as if the Bolivians, high up in the Andes mountains where they dwell, must be suffering the effects of oxygen depletion. They have just announced that they are breaking ties with Israel.

That is sad news indeed! I can barely hold back my tears long enough to write this post. Bolivia, a socialist country with rich resources but not of the human kind apparently, has been described as “a donkey sitting on a goldmine”. It is led by an anti-Israel and very anti U.S buddy of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. The Venezuelan leader had already broken ties with Israel, so it looks like Bolivia is doing a Hekel and Jekel act with its Socialist playmate. By the way, Bolivians, are for the most part, Indians who live in very primitive conditions and would not even have heard of Israel.

In fact, the developed world wouldn’t even know or care where Bolivia was, except for the fact that occasionally, their leader, Evo Morales, curses the U.S. But then don’t most people who are jealous of America do that?

I can just imagine the Israeli government holding an emergency meeting about Bolivia’s strong stance. “Who? Bolivia, Shmolivia. They got nothing else to worry about? Ties? What ties?”


One thought on “Devastating news from Bolivia

  1. Simon Bolivar will be spinning in his sarcophagus!! The strong yellow element in their flag is supposed to signify plentitude of minerals, but I believe it more properly relates to a prevalence of magic mushrooms which, along with coca, are clearly the staple fare of the ruling class


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