Where are PETA’s comments?

A zoo was discovered to have been wired with Hamas explosives in Gaza. Although I think that it is very laudable for PETA (the animal activists) to rescue a geriatric lobster from a tank in a New York restaurant, where is Peta’s outrage at a zoo being rigged to blow up Israeli soldiers or any Gazan children who might walk by? How about the animals that were left there to be blown up?

Seems as if PETA are very selective about their protests, aren’t they? If they really cared about animals, they would have complained about Hamas’s booby trapping of the zoo.

In my opinion, PETA are above all else politically motivated and animal rights are just a means to an end. You only have to listen to them raving on about wanting to destroy the wool industry in Australia to be suspicious about who is funding them.


2 thoughts on “Where are PETA’s comments?

  1. Whatever PETA are considered to be, sensitivity has never been one of their strong points. They are harsh in their responses to anything that doesn’t suit them. They don’t seem to follow a path of rational discussion or rational behaviour.


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