Telstra Problems

I have no idea how long my internet connection will last this time so I have to write as quickly as possible. You see, I am one of the unfortunates who have an ISP account with Telstra. In Australia, Telstra is one of the most reviled companies. It is virtually a monopoly and is the ultimate example of the danger of monopolies.

My internet service is sporadic and you can imagine how frustrating that is. Yesterday we complained to Telstra via a call centre in the Philippines. This poor guy is getting paid a pittance; he can’t speak or understand English very well and has informed us that a Telstra technician will come in four days’ time, or so we think…

So here we are at the mercy of a huge company which is now trying to blackmail the government into giving them a free ride in a new tender to supply broadband to the rest of Australia (as if).

If Telstra’s past reputation is any indicator, the service will cost a fortune, be unreliable, and have no interest in its customers. Since it is now outsourcing anything it can, as my conversation with the guy in the Philippines proves, it doesn’t even do much for our economy.

My computer man tells me that he ditched Telstra years ago and has had no problems since then. He also pays a lot less for his internet service. Unfortunately, we have tied ourselves up in a contract combined with cable and telephone provision, so we are stuck, for the moment.

Who knows when I will be able to write a prolonged blog? We have a third world service and it’s because Telstra was given too much free rein in the past.

I wish that our prime minister would have the guts to tell Sol Trujillo (head honcho of Telstra) and his mob to get lost.


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