Compulsory paternity tests

A report has just come out which states that many men have had to support children who aren’t theirs. In December 2007 I wrote that it would be a good idea if there were compulsory paternity tests at birth.

“Fathers” can now demand a paternity test if they have any doubts about the child they are supporting. This matter can be brought to court and those little “ladies” who have been milking men dry will have to repay what they stole from them. This legal action is costly nowadays and if tests were automatic there would be no need for this expenditure.

Just as I have always maintained that men who father children should be responsible for their upkeep, I am adamant that women who defraud a man in that way are no better than common criminals. They should at least repay the money and perhaps have a conviction of fraud awarded against them.

What sort of a woman is it who doesn’t know who fathered her child? Say no more. And if such a female has several children by different fathers she could just sit back and let everyone else pay for her follies. It seems so unfair to me.

There is no excuse nowadays for bringing an unwanted child into the world. Not with the availability of contraception. And if the woman belongs to a religion that forbids contraception, she is still breaking a cardinal rule by having sex outside marriage. She can’t have it both ways- be against contraception while being sexually irresponsible.

Anyway, I actually don’t care what that kind of woman does, but I do care for the poor children who result from her behaviour. These unfortunates need to be supported financially and it is the duty of the biological father to help out.

That is why I am all for paternity tests at birth. If every child has one then there will be no stigma attached to the procedure. An added bonus of this testing is that there will not be any mix-ups about wrong babies being taken home. That’s assuming that the mother can remember the name of the fellow she slept with.


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